5 Factors to Consider When Renting a Car

No secret that different cars have different rental prices in the market. The cost will usually depend on the company itself, timing and location. Yet, a lot in the price of course depends on the car itself. Below you can find five main factors that will influence the final price of your rental.

1. Miles

Before you sing the papers, make sure that you verify how many miles a day or in total you have included. In a perfect vehicle rental offer the mileage will be unlimited, yet it happens rarer and rarer today. Be ready that a lot of companies will change you for every additional mile you make outside of the plan.

2. Taxes

Taxes can be tricky. Not very trustworthy companies frequently don’t include taxes into the bill and you find out about the additional payments only in the end or post-factum. The tip is to discuss taxation before you agree to any offer and ensure that no additional charges are possible.

3. Gasoline

Traditional approach to rentals is that you get a car with a full tank and are obliged to fill it back again when returning it. Though there’s a trick. When you look at your perspective car for rent, ensure that its tank is full, otherwise you will end up paying more for gas than you have actually spent.

4. Insurance

The cost of insurance depends on your age and experience. The older you are and the longer you have your license, the cheaper the insurance will be. Your obligatory insurances include the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) that is also known as the Loss Damage Waiver (LDW). This is the most important part for you because this insurance relieves you of any possible responsibility of any loss or damage to the rented car. Otherwise you might be made responsible for the full price of the car is totaled. Remember also that if you already have an insurance plan for private vehicle, it might apply to the rental cars and trucks too. Just discuss this matter with the rental services.

5. Dropping the car off

If you take the vehicle back to the place you rented it from, you will have no additional payments. However, if you leave it in another place, be ready to pay some extra dollars for this service. You will also be charged extra if show up at the rental services several minutes or hours later. Remember that no matter how late you are, in most cases you will be charged for another full rental day.

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