Long-distance travel: rent a car or take a personal vehicle?

This is a common dilemma that drivers face when planning a long-distance trip. From the first glance it seems that taking your personal vehicle would be much-more comfortable and cost effective if compared to the money you will spend on rentals. But is the reality so simple?
You know that the answer is always ‘no’. When you consider car rentals there are so many factors that you don’t even think about that cost-effectiveness of such idea is doubtful. Bu of course, you won’t believe just the pure statement, so let’s have a closer look on the issue.
Let’s create a situation: you travel for around a 1,000 miles one way plus some miles in the city and the way back in total give you 2,5000 miles for one trip. Let’s assume that you take a 2008 Toyota Corolla. It’s expenditure is 29 miles per gallon and approximate worth is $11,282. Once you add 2,500 miles more, the total value will be $100 less.
On top of that add oil change after such long trip and maintenance needs that will definitely come into the surface. Automotive experts evaluate cost per mile for maintenance around 5.3 cents. So for your trip you’ll need about $132.50 to cover it.
Now let’s have a look at a car rental service. For the same class and year of a vehicle you will spend about $250 for the round trip. In case the efficiency of the car is approximately the same as your private vehicle, you will likely to get the same numbers.
Yet the important catch here is in timing. With car rental services you have to pay right now on the spot and forget about the money. If you decide to travel with your car, the same expenses will take place, but postponed in time. This means that you will have to change oil or do maintenance anyway, but not exactly right now.
The problem is in the fact that when you travel by your car and something breaks in it over the long-distance trip, you are likely to put aside the problem for later. As a result the problem accumulates and grows until it get significantly bigger scope and higher price for fixing.
With a rented vehicle you get rid of those issues for the same cost. Yes, you pay upfront, but you are 100% sure that this is the only money you pay for this trip. Car rentals might not be more cost-effective in all cases, but they are definitely a smarter choice in the long run.

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